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Glenn Beck Bashed Obama Administration, Likens Members to Past Racist Leaders

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck equated members of the Obama administration with prominent racist thinkers in world history on his television program Friday.

Beck presented viewers with an outline of “The Anatomy of a Racist” written on a chalkboard on his show. He then talked about leaders such as Adolf Hitler and David Duke and said the racist characteristics identified in his presentation reflect members in the Obama administration, according to the Raw Story.

Beck did not reference his sources specifically when he described the “The Anatomy of a Racist.”

“We quoted the doctors — and I don’t know which doctors they were, but we quoted the doctors last night, they’re some of the leading experts from around the world — on race relations and racists,” Beck said. “In many ways, you’re describing many in this administration.”

Beck continued to criticize the Obama administration by asserting that the its members’ actions are inciting a race war. 

“It will be a crisis of some sort that will set off a race war or some sort of chaos in the streets,” he said. “That’s the cycle of hate and I am convinced that we are now just waiting for the crisis.”

On Thursday, Beck also bashed Obama’s character while talking about the not-guilty verdict of neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman, who killed Florida teen Trayvon Martin. 

The racially-charged Zimmerman trial had multiple large riots protesting its verdict.

Obama described race relations and the racist treatment black people, including himself, have received during their lives. Beck, in response, Obama’s “black and white” view of the world was narrow-minded.

Sources: The Raw Story


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