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Glenn Beck Admits Being Disliked by Most People (Audio)

Glenn Beck has been immensely successful with Tea Partiers, birthers and conspiracy buffs, but in a rare moment of lucidity, he recently admitted to his fans that the general population does not like him.

Beck wants to change American culture, so he is planning to take more of a behind-the-scenes role in his new production company.

He explained his future plans to an audience of VIP ticket holders at a July 5 "Beck Unplugged" event, which was part of his bizarre July 4 "Man in the Moon" holiday weekend, in which he played the moon.

But it was not completely unplugged, as recently posted audio (below) of the meeting.

"One of the things that you'll see with the 'Man in the Moon' is the 'Man in the Moon' has been made for a different set of people," Beck said. "We have to stop preaching to the choir. You guys are going to love it, but if it was any other face but mine, and this is the thing that I really wrestled with, and I don't even want my name on my books anymore."

He added: "My name has been good for you guys, but bad for the bigger populace ... We are going in a different direction to where we're trying to do music and entertainment. We're going to start hopefully this year for Christmas 2014, for movies. That's why I'm building the American Dream Labs, to try to get into the entertainment space as well. News is one thing, but news and elections are the last stop. Culture and entertainment are the first stop."



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