glen beck


I listened to Glen Beck, the radio/tv personality last week speak on how "the liberals of this country are telling the american people about, 'the muslims having had a great culture during the early century's', Beck implied that this was done to promote muslim popularity, he implied there was no truth in the Muslim's past history. 

Beck was dishonest or not informed while saying this. But to naive people, Beck would be presumend to speak the truth.

Will Durant, the most noted historian of his time (1940=1960's)  wrote in his nationally acclaimed history books on Western Civilization how great the Islam nation was in the dark ages.  Dark ages being the 5th 6th century of AD.  While Europeons could scarcely read or write, and other than the monastery's keeping books and librarys alive, the Europeans were scarcely litterate, if at that.

 Islam had great Mathamaticians,  gave rise to Algebra, were great and noted astronmers, while not promoting images, their Art was received and still is conceived as world famous in their use of mosazic tile, as well as their buildings, Tah Maha, they allowed for Jews and Christians to practice their religion, true, they would not allow converts to be made to christianity, but I think this was true for both sides, (at that time in history)

They lost their culture when the Moguls invaded which pushed them back into 'their dark ages' where they are still 'trying to revive' wha they once lost.


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