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Giuliani Calls Clinton 'Too Stupid' To Be President

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was too soft on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the first debate on Sept. 26. He also said she is "too stupid" to be president.

"I sure would have talked about what she did to Monica Lewinsky, what that woman standing there did to Monica Lewinsky, trying to paint her as an insane young woman when in fact, Monica Lewinsky was an intern," Giuliani said, according to USA Today and referring to the woman with whom President Bill Clinton had an affair while in office and then lied about it under oath.

"The president of the United States, her husband, disgraced this country, what he did in the Oval Office. And she didn’t just stand by him. She attacked Monica Lewinsky," Giuliani continued. "And after being married to Bill Clinton for 20 years, if you didn’t know the moment Monica Lewinsky said that Bill Clinton violated her that she was telling the truth, then you’re too stupid to be president."

After the Lewinsky scandal rocked the Clinton White House, then first lady Hillary Clinton denounced Lewinsky and allegedly called her a “narcissistic loony toon,” according to CBS News.

Years later, Lewinsky, who was a 21-year-old White House intern when President Bill Clinton began the affair, wrote an essay in Vanity Fair where she said Hillary Clinton's impulse to “blame the woman” for her husband's infidelities.

Trump has mentioned Bill Clinton's affair with Lewinsky on the campaign trail and even threatened to bring Gennifer Flowers, another women with whom Bill Clinton had an affair, as his guest to the first presidential debate between the two major party nominees.

But Trump did not follow through on the threat.

"I'm really happy I was able to hold back on the indiscretions in respect to Bill Clinton because I have a lot of respect for Chelsea Clinton," Trump told CNN. "Maybe I'll tell you at the next debate. We'll see. But I'm very happy."

Sources: USA Today, CBS News, Vanity Fair, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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