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Girl Scouts Under Fire For Attending Inaugural Parade

The Girl Scouts of America are caught up in controversy after the group announced that members plan to march in the inaugural parade.  

Newser reports that 75 members of the Girl Scouts will be marching in Trump's inauguration parade on Friday in Washington, D.C.  The Boy Scouts will also be marching, however the Girl Scouts have come under fire due to President-elect Donald Trump's sexist remarks during the campaign. 

The organization released a statement on social media, claiming that it is a nonpartisan organization, and that participation in the inaugural parade is strictly voluntary.  They further acknowledged that some members will be taking part in Friday's Women's March -- a planned protest of Trump's inauguration.  

According to BuzzFeed, many are upset at the Girl Scouts' decision to attend the inaugural ball.  One woman responded on Twitter to the Girl Scouts' claim that they have been attending such events since 1917: "'Since 1917' is no reason to invite young girls to a sexual predator's fascist parade."

Others referred to the leaked Access Hollywood tape which showed Trump making sexist remarks towards women: "How does 'nonpolitical, nonpartisan' add up to encouraging girls to march for a man who admits to committing sexual assault?"

One woman is offended by the group's decision to take part in the inauguration:  "I'm the mother of a Girl Scout and I hope you reconsider your participation. Trump does *not* honor your values"

One woman suggested a call to action: "Just called Girl Scouts of America at (212) 852-8000 and you can, too! Tell them NOT to march in DT's Inauguration parade. Please RT."

It remains to be seen if any of this online backlash will impact how many Girl Scouts actually do march in the parade.  

Sources: Newser, BuzzFeed / Photo credit: Carnegie Science Center

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