Gingrich Slams Obama for Koran Burning Apology

NATO troops stationed in Afghanistan -- who burned many different Korans along with the trash -- say the move was an accident.

But the incident caused days of protests and violence in the already unstable country. President Obama this week issued an official apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, calling the incident an unfortunate oversight and assuring the Muslim leader that measures would be taken to ensure that it never happens again.

Karzai accepted Obama's apology and everything went back to business as usual, right?


Obama's apology for the Koran burnings was an obvious attempt to mitigate some of the rage being felt in the Arab world over the incident and perhaps put an end to the violent protests that are threatening to send the whole region spiraling back into war. But former Speaker of the House and Republican candidate for president Newt Gingrich doesn't see it that way.

The desperate presidential candidate, who has seen his standing in the polls slide precipitously since his win in the South Carolina primary, stopped just short of calling the president a traitor for his apology letter to the Afghan leader.

Gingrich's hard line approach is not surprising. He has repeatedly challenged President Obama on the campaign trail for being unpatriotic and an "American apologist." This new round of harsh rhetoric from the speaker is no doubt an attempt to regain some of his lost ground in the polls before the do-or-die Super Tuesday contests, wherein the former speaker hopes to stage a return to relevancy.


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