From Getting Microchipped To Death Panels: Bill Maher Proves New Yorkers Don't Understand Obamacare (Video)


For a segment on his HBO show, Bill Maher sent documentary fillmaker Alexandra Pelosi to ask New Yorkers what they understand about Obamacare.

It turns out, Maher said, it’s very difficult “to keep the American public informed.”

“Nobody really knows what it is,” one man told Pelosi, “because it’s named after him they’re not gonna like it.”

Many appeared to think President Barack Obama named the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act after himself.

“The worst thing about Obamacare,” another man said, “is the first name: Obama. Why did he name it after himself?”

Two people surveyed actually believe that Obamacare means everyone is going to be microchipped.

A woman said the government would insert a chip “under her skin” and when “you’re going to go the doctors and they’re going to scan it like a credit card.”

“You’re standing here in the center of the media universe,” said Pelosi, “and you’re telling me Obamacare is going to put a chip in your body?”

“I don’t know how you don’t know about it, but it’s in all the news,” the woman responded.

One man said he thought Muslims were exempt from Obamacare and another said all "illegal aliens" will be given healthcare. Several said death panels will now decide who lives and dies.

“I’m hearing that they’re trying to take $80 a week out of people’s check,” said another man.

Warning: The following video contains graphic language and viewer discretion is advised.


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