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Get to Airport Early, Homeland Security Sec Napolitano Says

Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano:

“In view of the event of Christmas Day we must remain vigilant about the continued threat we face from al-Qa’ida.

We are taking an additional set of aviation security precautions to protect the American people. Some of these measures include enhanced random screening, additional federal air marshals on certain routes and adding individuals of concern to our terrorist watch list system.

As a result of these measures and others we have put in place since Christmas, travelers should allot extra time when flying—particularly into the United States from overseas. We are facing a determined enemy and we appreciate the patience of all Americans and visitors to our country, and the cooperation of our international partners as well as a committed airline industry.

We will continue to update and adapt our defenses as needed to ensure air travel is both safe and efficient. As always, we continue to ask all Americans to report any suspicious behavior to the local law enforcement authorities.”


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