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Hillary Clinton May Launch TV Show

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering launching and hosting a television talk show, and may even be considering a third presidential run in 2020.

"She thinks being the host of a popular TV show would energize the Democratic Party base and her tens of millions of fans," an unnamed insider told journalist and author Ed Klein. "It's a way to make a comeback and position herself for another run at the White House starting in a year or so."

Rather than fade from the limelight, Clinton is reportedly even more determined to shine even brighter -- something that, as a TV star, she thinks she can do.

"As a TV host, she’d discuss the issues of the day from a progressive point of view, have top guests, interview world leaders and progressive thinkers," explained the insider. "She's convinced she'd get fabulous ratings in a political climate where there's so much anger in Democratic circles over [President] Donald Trump's election." 

It is said she hopes the show, combined with her new status as a possible Democratic Party leader, will set the groundwork for a successful 2020 presidential run.

"She knows [former President Barack] Obama is going to be out there fighting too," added the insider. "But frankly, she doesn't think he's a great leader or a great fighter, which leaves an opening for her to be the acknowledged leader-in-exile of her party."

It is still not clear which network would host the show or when it would premiere.

Clinton representatives have yet to comment on the claim or confirm the alleged insider's statements. While the reports are unconfirmed, it's not the first report Clinton plans to stay in politics, Politico reports.

"Despite the grave disappointment, resilience is in the Clintons’ DNA," said friend Mack McLarty, who was also former President Bill Clinton’s first White House chief of staff. 

While she may remain in politics, not everyone believes Clinton will run a third presidential campaign.

“The Democratic Party does need new blood, new faces, and I don’t think Bill or Hillary Clinton would ever want to get back and run for anything -- I don’t think a team of mules could drag them to do that,” said Democratic former Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

Sources: Edward Klein, Politico / Photo credit: Hillary Clinton/Instagram

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