Merkel was Right: Germany Awakens, Canada Slumbers

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is right: multiculturalism doesn't work.

In fact, it is evident that the policy has failed miserably wherever it has been attempted in the Western world - including Canada.

More and more European nations are waking to this reality.

Pierre Trudeau's legacy of trying to create a society where people from all parts of the world could come to Canada and keep own culture has proven a mirage. 

The billions spent on multiculturalism instead of assimilation has resulted in a nation where no real, single 'Canadian culture' exists.  Instead, we see thousands of immigrants living off of the government teat, porous borders, lax immigration standards, and the creation of what can only be described as ethnic ghettos.

Observe Calgary's northeast, the Millwoods district in Edmonton, and sections of other major Canadian cities and you will see proof.

While the concept of multiculturalism was flawed from the start, since 9/11 it has become crystal clear that it could also be dangerous.

The main issue is definition. Being against multiculturalism does not make one against immigration, nor does it make one 'racist'.

Immigration is not only a positive, it is necessary for economic purposes.  As long as Canada's birthrate continues to lag, the nation will need it.

The problem exists from people not understanding what multiculturalism actually is.

In a recent Peter Mansbridge interview on the C.B.C., newly elected Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi invited Chancellor Merkel to visit his city to see the benefits of multiculturalism in action. 

Putting aside the fact that the entire basis of the interview was itself drenched in racist sentiment - would the national broadcaster have been so quick to interview non-Muslim mayoral candidates Barb Higgins or Ric McIver had either of them won? - the truth is Nenshi's victory had nothing to do with Canada's multicultural policies.

At least, it shouldn't have.

Naive comments by excited voters - "...Canada's most conservative city has a Muslim mayor. That'll end those 'redneck' catcalls!" - shows the lack of understanding.

It also shows racism.  If voters cast their ballots for Nenshi because he is a Muslim and not because of his vision for the city, then they cast their votes on the basis of prejudice.

Many Americans did the same when they elected Barack Obama not because they shared his penchant for socialism and low opinion of the Constitution, but because he is Black.

Nenshi's victory made headlines not because he was the best choice with the best platform.  He made news because he is a Muslim. (Calling it 'reverse racism' is erroneous.  Reverse implies opposite, as in 'not racist'.)

Could he have won if Canada had a 'melting pot' society instead of decades of multiculturalism?  Of course he could have. 

Where multiculturalism enters the mix isn't in his candidacy, but it could be in how he does his job.  As mayor of Calgary, he must govern according to Canadian tradition, not his own.



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