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Georgia Voter Predicts Civil War If Clinton Wins (Video)

Jimmy Arno, a resident of Lawrenceville, Georgia, and a supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, recently predicted that a civil war will break out if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were to win (video below).

Jimmy's wife, Dami, and their kids were allegedly attacked by a Muslim woman in 2015, noted WAGA. At the time, Dami said she was in her garage with her daughter, Brittany, when Amina Ahra, wearing a full Burka, grabbed a flag off the Arno's mailbox and came after them. Dami recalled that she and Brittany fought Ahra off while Dami's 14-year-old son retrieved the family gun.

Jimmy told recently told NPR: "I want grandchildren, but the way this country is right now, I don’t want to do that to these children. Think about what it’s going to be like in 18 years, if a child is born right now. On its [18th] birthday, what is this country going to look like if it continues the way it is, and that's what scares me."

When asked what he meant, Jimmy replied: "Well, let's see, if you go to a movie theater, you’re liable to get shot, you go to a mall, you’re liable to get shot ... If you go to Atlanta or to a major city, you’re liable to be shot or attacked."

NPR noted that crime rates are at historic lows, but the Arnos have other concerns.

Dami and Jimmy were also upset about a local Black Lives Matter protest, as well as a protest against Confederate flags, which have historically been flown for the slavery of black people and racist Jim Crow laws.

The couple used to fly a Confederate flag, but took it down because their daughter's friends were made uncomfortable by the racist symbol. They did, however, keep a framed portrait of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, who led the South in its war for slavery.

Jimmy also blamed President Barack Obama for supposedly elevating racial tensions in the U.S.: "I know that we were a whole lot further along, racially, eight years ago than we are today."

The Arnos intend to vote for Trump regardless of news reports of Trump not paying contractors who have filed numerous lawsuits against him over a span of decades.

According to Raw Story, Jimmy explained that he was impressed by Trump's position against "illegal people":

Hillary wants to be elected and Donald Trump wants to be elected. They’re going to talk bad about everything that they can about the other candidate so that you vote for them. I discount the whole thing, because I want to know what your plan is to help the country, that’s what I want to know.

Donald Trump, if I understand him correctly, and I hope I do, he wants to stop the flow of illegal people in this country. Stop the flow. Well, by stopping the flow, more Americans have an opportunity to go to work because they’re not losing their jobs to illegal immigrants.

Jimmy, who expressed an earlier concern about violent shootings, added that he might join an armed local militia group in case Clinton is elected:

It's a milita group and, Should martial law, civil war -- whatever -- break out in this country, they will uphold the Constitution and rebuild our loss. ... The war that’s going to take place when Hillary Clinton’s elected, if that happens [...] Your patriots are going to overthrow the government.

Sources: NPR, WAGA, Divided States via YouTubeRaw Story / Photo credit: NPR

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