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Georgia Republican’s Bill Would Allow Sex Offenders in Schools, Playgrounds

Georgia State Rep. Sam Moore (R) recently sponsored a bill, HB 1033, that would allow convicted sex offenders to go anywhere, including schools, parks and playgrounds.

The bill would ban law enforcement from forcing residents to identify themselves under any circumstances, which Moore claims violates the Fifth Amendment.

However, that would mean sex offenders would not have to identify themselves either, even for loitering.

“I am okay with that,” Rep. Moore told the Cherokee Tribune. “The reason I’m okay with that is the assumption is they have done their time. If they’re still a danger to society, they should not be free… Am I saying it’s not creepy? It’s definitely creepy.”

However, criminals are sentenced to a specific time of incarceration that is not set on the condition as to whether or not "they’re still a danger to society," unless they're trying to get out of jail early via parole.

Also, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that Americans can be placed in jail if they refuse to give their names to law enforcement, noted the Christian Science Monitor.

Rep. Moore's proposed bill has law enforcement up in arms.

“In my 34 years of law enforcement I have never heard of such an insane law having been introduced,” Cherokee Sheriff Roger Garrison told the Cherokee Tribune. “Sexual predators are one of this country’s most violent offenders. If there’s any equal it would be an out-and-out serial killer.”

“It’s insane,” added Sheriff Garrison. “If you can’t check them, how are you going to know who they are? They could be wanted for murder down the street.”

Cherokee Superintendent of Schools Dr. Frank Petruzielo said in a statement, “The School District is strongly opposed to any legislation that would allow predators the opportunity to endanger our students, which it appears this bill would do.”

Rep, Moore's proposed bill is even unpopular with members of his own party.

“I am shocked and appalled anyone would suggest that pedophiles should be allowed to loiter near day care centers, schools, the places where our children learn and play,” State Rep. John Pezold (R) told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Sources: Christian Science Monitor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Cherokee Tribune


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