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Georgia Proposes Law To Ban The Sale Of Fetal Tissue

Following the release of several videos that allegedly feature a Planned Parenthood physician attempting to sell tissue from aborted fetuses, Georgia is considering a law that would make it a felony to felony to sell or purchase fetal tissue.

Republican Rep. Wendall Willard of Sandy Springs said that the proposed legislation would have some exceptions. Fetal tissue could transferred to hospitals, universities and other places that conduct medical research, so long as they don’t receive any money.

"Women facing this crisis must be confident that they are able to receive counseling, as the law requires, from someone who is not selfishly motivated by profit," Willard said in a statement, WXIA reported. "I take seriously our charge to protect the dignity of human life, and we will see to it that those who would engage in such a barbaric trade will face the full force of justice in our state.”

Despite Willard’s apparently concerns, state health investigators have concluded that Planned Parenthood and four other abortion providers are properly disposing of fetal tissue from abortions, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.  

“As you know, Georgia law requires that licensed abortion clinics (or a medical disposal service provider with whom they have contracted) to bury or cremate fetal remains following the termination of a pregnancy,” commissioner of the Department Public Health, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, told Gov. Nathan Deal in a letter reviewing the investigation’s findings. 

Every medical facility was found to be in compliance with those standards. Violators of the proposed law would face up to 5 years in prison.

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WXIA Image via PBS NewsHour/Flickr


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