Georgia Group Calls For Trump's Impeachment

A group in Georgia plans to hold a rally to impeach President Donald Trump in Valdosta.

The group, called Georgians for the Impeachment of Donald Trump, plans to hold the event on April 28, according to the Macon Telegraph.

The group said on Facebook "the purpose of this peaceful non-partisan rally is to publicize Trump's administrative, domestic, and foreign policy failures, wasteful government spending, bigotry toward marginalized social groups, business profits resulting from his presidency, questionable ties to Russian leaders, reckless military aggression, broken campaign promises, and general disdain for the truth."

Tom Hochschild, a member of the group and the former chairman of the Lowndes County Democratic Party, said the impeachment group started in late March, after people in the area grew "increasingly frustrated about Donald Trump’s rhetoric, his temperament, his mental stability and his decisions so far," according to The Valdosta Daily Times.

Hochschild said the group plans to hold the rally to "remind people in our community that Donald Trump's presidency is not a 'normal' presidency. In fact, it has been a dangerously incompetent presidency thus far."

"Second, we want our elected officials to know that if they support Donald Trump, or enable him as he continues to harm our country, they will be held accountable in their next election," he added.

The Facebook event currently shows 36 people who have said that they are attending, while 90 have said they are interested.

"We believe that most of our members are Democrats, Green Party members or independents, but suspect that several of our members have more Republican or libertarian leanings," said Hochschild, though he added that members are not asked to disclose their political party.

"We’re nonpartisan in that we do know that there are Republicans frustrated with Donald Trump. We are a haven, essentially, for [those] Republicans," he said. "There are many Republicans in the area who feel like [Trump] has broken promises, and they would rather see him impeached and Mike Pence become president." 

Lowndes County Republican Party Chairman Scott Smith disagreed with Hochschild's statement about Republicans who wanted to see the president impeached.

"Those are false claims," said Smith. "I haven’t met the first one, and if there was one, I would have already heard about it."

Gary Wisenbaker, a conservative political consultant, criticized the impeachment rally.

"This is basically a 'We just don’t like Donald Trump rally,'" Wisenbaker said.

"Impeachment is for high crimes and misdemeanors, such as [in] 1998, when Bill Clinton committed perjury and obstructed justice," Wisenbaker added. "He was impeached by the House, but in the trial in the Senate, of course, he was cleared."

"You don't argue for impeachment because you don't like the policies of a president," he said. "It's a great country and you can certainly protest and exercise your freedom of speech."

Sources: Macon Telegraph, The Valdosta Daily Times / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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