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Georgia Bar Owner Posts Racist Sign About Arizona Immigration Law

Georgia bar owner Mike Norman, who says he isn't afraid to take a stand on the issues, has thrust himself in the middle of the Arizona immigration debate by posting a sign that most would call racist.

The sign outside Mulligan's bar in Marietta reads as follows:

Hell yeh Arizona.
Send them wetbacks home!
Anchor babies & all!
If u can't feed um don't breed um!

Mulligan's is just down the road from several Hispanic businesses. But Norman says he's not concerned about further inflaming passions in his community. "I don't think there can be any more ill will than there is now about illegal immigration," he told My Fox Atlanta.

Norman is no stranger to controversy. During the most recent presidential campaign, he sold "Obama in 2008" t-shirts featuring a monkey eating a banana.

Other delightful signs over the years read "I wish Hillary had married O.J." and declaring February "It's awright to be white month!"

Norman feels he is serving his public with such displays. "I feel like at this point in my life it's probably a civic duty for me to echo the sentiments of the folks who drive by this place."

However, Norman is not echoing the sentiments of everyone. One Hispanic man said, "It's a little insulting. I wouldn't think there would be blatant a sign like that that is disrespectful to Hispanic rights in general."


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