Genius New Hampshire State Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker Doubts Bin Laden Death


It was expected that people would come out and say that they doubt Osama Bin Laden was really killed in that raid in Pakistan. It doesn't matter what President Obama said, nor does it matter that al-Qaeda itself confirmed the death.

But those people are dimwits. Now one person who should know better is expressing doubts -- a state representative in New Hampshire named Lynee Blankenbeker.

According to The Huffington Post, during an interview Sunday with local television station WMUR, the Republican said, "I was obviously very excited by the possibility that Osama bin Laden is no longer around. That's great," she said. "You know, my first thought went to the victims from 9/11 and their families."

When asked to elaborate on why she said "possibility," the former Air Force Nurse and current Navy Reserve nurse said she has doubts because she feels she is important enough to get the word straight from the horse's mouth:

As a military person, I have received nothing from my superior officers. We've had no message trafficking for the first time ever. Every single time there has been a national disaster or an event: 9/11, my email was just on fire with 'be on alert, don't go anywhere, stand downs' and those sorts of things; Haiti after the earthquake; Katrina after the hurricane; Japan recently; any major event; and -- of course every holiday -- Christmas, New Years, the anniversary of 9/11.

We are always on a heightened alert. If you drive on to a military base you will see the folks in the Kevlar. This is the first time I have received nothing. Nothing.

Which makes me take pause -- it seriously makes me take pause. Because you know -- and I heard your interview earlier with the colonel -- and he was talking about the need to see pictures or not to see pictures. It was just baffling to me that we didn't get a single message saying anything.


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