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Gays, Pregnant Women May Undermine U.S. Attack on Syria, Claims American Family Association (Audio)

Next week, Congress will take up the issue of U.S. military action against Syria, but even if the U.S. does strike Syria, it may fail because of gays and pregnant women in the U.S. Navy, claims American Family Association radio host Sandy Rios.

On her Christian radio show today, Rios worried about the U.S. Navy failing because of the repeal of "Don’t Ask Don’t Tell" and pregnant female service members, noted (audio below).

Rios also said that Secretary of State John Kerry is “not to be trusted,” but did not present any proof of why he is untrustworthy.

"It’s getting more exaggerated. This is the nature of John Kerry, he always does this. He’s not to be trusted. This is the reason why I think we have to be concerned about going into Syria because the people that we’re looking at to lead us are untrustworthy people," said Rios.

"There’s a second reason and that is military readiness. When I looked at those battleships going into the Mediterranean, supposedly getting ready for battle in Syria, I couldn’t help think about all the stories I’ve read about how women now are in the ranks of the Navy, getting pregnant at exponential numbers, when I think about the folding in and the repeal of 'Don’t Ask Don’t Tell' and the homosexual takeover of so much of our military I’m not sure how effective those naval ships will be."



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