Gay Marriage Vote Could Cost Democrats Anthony Weiner's Seat


The 9/11 anniversary may be over, but New York City is still making history. Tuesday, parts of Brooklyn and Queens are headed back to the voting booth to find a replacement for exiled Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose Twitter scandals opened the door to a new leadership in the 9th District. Although Democrats have reigned over the seat for 90 years, the race between Dave Weprin (D) and Bob Turner (R) is shockingly close. While some are calling it a referendum for President Obama, new polling suggests that it might be Dave Weprin's record that's to blame. As a state senator, Weprin was one of the 33 leaders who voted to force same-sex "marriage" on the people of New York.That didn't go over too well in his District, where 55% are saying the marriage issue is an important factor in deciding who to vote for. And before the media rushes to discredit the poll, it should note that 59% of the respondents were Democrats.

Contrary to what the pundits would have you believe, social issues are not only playing a role in this election--they may be deciding it! Without Weprin's support for same-sex "marriage," this race--even in the "bluest of blue districts"--wouldn't even be close. Although Democrats outnumber conservatives 3-to-1, the majority of 9th District is still socially conservative. In fact, a lot of the outrage over Weprin's same-sex "marriage" vote stems from the local Jewish community. When he threw his support behind counterfeit marriage, he cited his faith as part of the rationale. The reaction from orthodox leaders was so severe that Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind decided to endorse Republican opponent Bob Turner.

With the exception of Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller, most reporters are either ignoring the connection with social issues--or, as in the case of the Albany Times Union, mocking it. As loathe as the mainstream press is to acknowledge the impact of traditional values in elections, the numbers don't lie. Nor do the expense accounts! According to theWashington Times, Weprin's campaign is sinking $750,000 into TV ads, compared to a modest $35,000 by Turner's. The spending gap is even more evident this weekend, as liberals do some hefty last-minute giving. Two national political committees have pumped $200,000 into the race for Weprin, while other radicals are flooding the Democrat with cash. Just this weekend, billionaire activist George Soros fired off a $100,000 check to the effort. We'll see tomorrow how much their influence buys. In the meantime, as the Republican establishment and GOP hopefuls look for ways to shape the debate in 2012, they should take a long hard look at the polling numbers in NY-9. Obviously, being soft on social issues is a losing strategy


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