Why Gay Marriage Should be Legal in New York


Same-sex marriage has been a hot topic for years, and it has been getting hotter since more states have been allowing it. Many are against allowing same-sex couples have full marriages, and most of the arguments against it are easily abolished.

Gay marriage would abolish any problems concerning same-sex couples getting married in another state, such as Vermont and New Hampshire. The problems regarding getting married in another state include whether or not the marriage license is valid in our state, or only theirs. In many circumstances, marriage licenses from out of state are ruled invalid by the original state’s government.

Same-sex couples should not have to move to a state where gay marriage is legal; they have every right to stay in their own state, and get married in their own state. Legalizing gay marriage would eliminate the trouble pertaining to invalid marriage licenses from other states, as every marriage license will be valid.

Same-sex couples should be allowed to have the same rights as conventional couples. Civil Unions do not suffice; they don’t have all the same benefits as a traditional marriage. One of the major flaws with a Civil Union is that it is only recognized at a state level, and not in a national level. Civil Unions also do not allow for same-sex couples to file their taxes together, get joint tax breaks, get survivor benefits, family insurance, family bank accounts, and visiting your spouse if he/she is hospitalized.   

Lawyers cannot set up the same benefits of marriage for same-sex couples without a marriage license; they can only set up wills and medical power of attorney. However, having a lawyer for these things can cost thousands of dollars in fees, whereas a marriage license that covers everything is fewer than one hundred dollars. Unions simply do not cut it.

Though it is argued that allowing gay marriage would ruin the sacredness of the religious aspect of marriage as an institution, this is simply unjust. In a world that is constantly changing, we can no longer make laws based on what a thousand-year-old religious text says. We must also keep in mind that there are same-sex couples who practice religion, not only man-and-woman couples; they have just as much right to get married in a religious ceremony if it is their wish.

Allowing gay marriage will not lead to allowing people to marry their pets, inanimate objects, or children primarily because two grown adults are developed enough to make their own choices. While a domesticated animal is really smart, it doesn’t quite have the words it needs to say if it wants to get married or not; neither does a child. This comparison is ludicrous and not a good excuse to not legalize gay marriage.

The state has no place in mandating a ban on same-sex marriages. This is why our bill should be passed with no restrictions, and no questions asked. Marriage is not a privilege, it is a right, and itshould be granted to every American citizen, regardless of sexual orientation.


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