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Gay Activist Dan Savage Slams Conservative Gay Group 'GOProud' for Endorsing Mitt Romney

Co-creator of the 'It Gets Better project' Dan Savage called the gay conservative group GOProud “f*ggots” after they endorsed Mitt Romney in a press release.

Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud executive director, said in a statement endorsing Romney: “Most gay Americans, like their straight counterparts, are not better off than they were four years ago. The truth is that gay people are living in the disastrous failed Obama economy too.”

Savage tweeted a link to a story about the groups endorsement and then mocked GOProud as “GOP house faggots” for “grab[bing] their ankles, right on cue.”

GOProud has not released a statement on Savage’s tweet, but GOProud co-founder Christopher Barron said on his web site: “Apparently, f*ggot is an entirely appropriate slur as long as Dan Savage is slinging it and gay people who you don’t agree with are on the receiving end. It gets better my ass.”


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