Gallup: Majority Of Americans Believe More Concealed Carry Guns And Background Checks Will Improve Safety


A newly released Gallup poll shows that a majority of Americans agree that more citizens being allowed to carry concealed firearms would improve public safety. However, the same survey shows that an even greater majority of Americans support universal background checks. 

Gallup released their findings on Oct. 20, having conducted their survey via telephone 1,015 random adults from Oct. 7-11. 

The first question Gallup posed to respondents was whether or not the increase in Americans carrying concealed weapons would result in more safety, provided that they had passed a criminal background check and received training. 56 percent of respondents agreed while 41 percent disagreed. 

The data shows that younger people would feel the most safe, with 66 percent of adults aged 18-29 agreeing with the question. Older demographics were less likely to view increased concealed-carry as helpful. 

Gallup’s poll shows an ideological divide between the two national parties, with an overwhelming 82 percent of self-identifying Republicans viewing concealed-carry as beneficial to public safety, while only 31 percent of Democrats agreed they would feel safer. Also, respondents who lived in an urban cities were less likely to agree than those who reside in rural areas.

Gallup also asked respondents if they would support a law that would require universal background checks for any gun purchases nationwide. 86 percent responded that they would support this measure. 

These results show that the majority of Americans believe citizens should be allowed to own firearms, as long as they go through a comprehensive process to attain them. This is backed up by another poll Gallup released on Oct. 19 showing that 55 percent of Americans favor stricter guns laws. 

While Republican lawmakers are pushing for the reduction of gun-free zones and the broadening of concealed-carry permits, the Democratic party is seizing upon the public’s willingness for stricter gun control to propose new firearm legislation, The Huffington Post reports.

Sources: Gallup (2), The Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Ibropalic / Wikimedia Commons


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