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Funny Video: Tea Party Report's Susie Sampson Interviews Republicans at Obama Inauguration

The Tea Party Report's Susie Sampson recently spoke to some bitter Republicans at President Obama's second inauguration and filed a video report (below) on YouTube.

Two anti-abortion protesters told Sampson that "50 percent of African-Americans babies are being aborted so that is racially discriminatory."

Sampson later told the protesters that babies should be armed in the womb, which they agreed to.

Another anti-abortion protester opposed abortion for rape victims and told Sampson: "Well, it's sad case, but we don't punish one of the innocent parties."

Sampson agreed: "We punish the mothers!"

Sampson wrote on her YouTube page: "I'm just glad it's over. Obama's last inauguration and it was a doozy for this GOPer. I was thrilled to find some fellow conservatives though. Real thinkers who are lookin' out for the country. There were some crazies but of course, that's to be expected at a liberal event. Here's to 2016!"


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