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French Citizen Voices Displeasure With Government By Dumping Dung On National Assembly

The French people are not happy with their president.

President Francois Hollande and his regime currently boast an unimpressive 26% approval rating amongst the French population.  As low as this figure is, it actually represents a significant improvement from past ratings.  In November, Hollande’s approval rating was 15%.

One citizen found a very creative way on Thursday to show his distaste for the president and his political kin. A man driving a dump truck pulled up the French National Assembly and dumped a pile of dung on the property. The truck had a slogan written on it reading “Out with Hollande and the whole political class!”

The man was apprehended by police shortly after and booked on charges. Here is a picture of his unique form of protest:

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Hollande, a member of the French Socialist Party, was elected as president in May of 2012.  He beat out conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the election. Sarkozy, who was in power from 2007-2012, had an approval rating of 36% in February of 2012. His lowest approval rating during his term was 29% in April of 2011.

Sources: News Republic, Time


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