'Cowardice, Are You Serious?': Young Girls Sing Support For Donald Trump At Rally (Video)


The "Freedom Girls," a group of young girls dressed in red, white and blue outfits, sang about destroying America's enemies and praised Donald Trump at his rally in Pensacola, Florida, on Jan. 13 (video below).

Their song was a jazzy arrangement of the 1917 military tune "Over There" with lyrics that included: "Cowardice / Are you serious? / Apologies for freedom / I can't handle this."

They also chirped: “Enemies of freedom face the music / Come on boys take them down / President Donald Trump knows how to make America great / Deal from strength or get crushed every time.”

Trump later took the stage and told the crowd, “We don’t win anymore, you understand that?” reports the Miami Herald.

“We’re a country that doesn’t win," he added.

Trump also attacked his favorite targets: The Iran nuclear deal, the media, Syrian refugees and lawmakers in Washington D.C.

Trump also hinted that rival Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who was born in Canada to an American mom, might get disqualified by the courts if he is the GOP nominee.

“What do you do?" Trump asked the crowd. "Concede the election to Hillary Clinton or crazy Bernie [Sanders]?”

Sources: Salon.com, Miami Herald / Photo Credit: FOX 10 Phoenix/YouTube Screenshot

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