Westboro Church Protests: Free Speech or Harassment?

At what point does freedom of speech cross the line into harassment? I believe strongly that everyone has the right to their own opinions, beliefs, etc... and expressing those is also your right. I also think Westboro Baptist Church has the right to say what they want, even though I don't like it. 

My husband and many friends are fighting to protect their right to do so. However, shouldn't there be a way to protect their right of free speech and protect military families trying to have a funeral for a loved one? 

When they protest these military funerals do they ever stop to think that if it weren't for people such as those they are protesting, they could not have their protest?  These people are not exercising their right of free speech...they are emotional terrorists.

Say what you want Westboro Baptist Church...just not at a funeral.  Mourners have rights too.


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