Fox’s John Stossel Pretends To Be Homeless Again, Accuses People Of Enabling Drug Users (Video)


Fox Business host and libertarian columnist John Stossel dressed up like a homeless man for the second time in order to prove how easy it is for “homeless people” to get free money to fuel “their alcohol and their drug habit.”

“Fox & Friends” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduced Stossel’s segment by saying, “As John Stossel demonstrates in tonight’s episode of ‘Stossel,’ not everyone and every organization is worthy of your charity. Some are actually scammers.”

Stossel panhandled in New York City and made $90 in one hour. When Stossel pulled the same stunt in July 2012, he made only $11 an hour from generous New Yorkers.

Stossel says people gave him money when he held up a sign that read “homeless and cold” and even when it read “I’m not going to lie to you, I need a beer.”

Stossel’s 2012 segment was part of a segment on how the U.S. is becoming a “nation of freeloaders.”

“Yes, we are turning into a nation of freeloaders because you feel like a sucker if you’re not when government keeps offering it to you,” Stossel told “Fox & Friends” in 2012.

In both segments, however, Stossel argues that giving money to panhandlers is only hurting them.

“Are you suggesting that the people who are begging for money on the streets, we should not give them money?” co-host Steve Doocy asked.

“Yes,” Stossel replied. “It’s not I who am suggesting that. The people who work with the homeless say don’t give them money. It’s a bad thing. You’re an enabler. You’re enabling their alcohol and their drug habit.”

“Far better, if you really think they’re for real, and most are not, to try to help them get to one of the social service agencies,” he added. He said if he panhandled for eight hours all year, he would make “$23,000 a year — tax-free.”

Stossel says people are better off giving money to charity, but not just any charity.

“I give to charities that I can observe personally,” he explained.

“I give to Central Park Conservancy,” he said, “because I can see they do a good job taking care of this park, when the government let it go to seed.”

Sources: TheBlazeMediaite


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