Fox’s John Stossel: America Should Allow People To Sell Off Organs They Aren’t Using, Like Iran (Video)


Fox Business host John Stossel says he’s “upset” that it’s illegal in the U.S. to sell the organs you’re not using.

During a segment called “Time to Privatize” Stossel told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday Stossel said the government can keep the postal service, but park, libraries, law enforcement, the military and organ selling should all be privatized.

“Organ selling?” exclaimed co-host Steve Doocy.

Stossel claim that the one place where organ selling is private there is no waiting list to get a transplant and “I’m afraid to say it’s Iran, but still.”

Poor people are disproportionately targeted by the organ trade in Iran, according to the Cato Institute.

“There’s no waiting line,” Stossel continued. “In America lots of people die waiting for kidneys.”

“So you think it should be legal in this country to sell off an organ you’re not using?” Doocy asked.

“Yes, we have two kidneys, we only need one,” Stossel said. “People need them. It’s your body! It should be your choice. When does the government limit what you can do with your body?”

Stossel said if more public services, like libraries, were private they would be better run. He said people don’t perform well because they are paid better by private companies, but rather that they have to perform well or they’ll be fired.

“Government never fires itself,” he explained.

Stossel and co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck agreed that privatization is the only way to inspire competition. They said if public schools were vouchered and people could send their kids anywhere, the schools would be forced to work harder and perform better in order to attract “business.”

“When people look at schools, a lot of people go ‘private industry figured out how to do it,’” Doocy said. “Whereas you got all the teachers’ union and stuff like that, way it’s running right now it doesn’t work so well.”

“How much are kidneys going for in Iran?” Doocy asked at the end of the segment.

The answer is about $1,200 per kidney, Raw Story reported.

Sources: Raw StoryFox Nation


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