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Fox’s Eric Bolling Goes Code Pink, Paints Hand Red to Protest War With Syria

Fox News’ host Eric Bolling covered his hand in ketchup Wednesday on “The Five” in protest of military action in Syria.

“We should be careful before we shed any more blood, ours or theirs,” Bolling said. “This is not our war.”

His co-hosts joked that he borrowed the stunt from Code Pink, a “grassroots” anti-war organization. Its members appeared Wednesday on a televised congressional hearing. Sitting behind Secretary of State John Kerry as he attempted to convince Congress to approve of a military strike, Code Pink members held up signs and waved red-stained hands – symbolizing “blood” that would be on lawmakers’ hands if Syria is attacked.

While co-hosts mocked the “disgusting” hand, Bolling’s stance appears to fall in line perfectly with Code Pink’s.

“We should be very selective on how and when we shed blood — ours or theirs. American patriots shed blood to protect our families, our country, our way of life,” Bolling said, holding up the red hand. “There’s no reason to shed blood, ours or theirs, for a civil war between two radical Muslim groups who, frankly, hate us. So we should be careful before we shed any more blood, ours or theirs. This is not our war. We need to stay out of the Middle East.”

“Where’d you get that stuff?” asked co-host Greg Gutfeld as Bolling cleaned his hand.

“It’s at the Code Pink store,” joked Dana Perino.

Perino asserted that, as a leader of the free world, the U.S. has to step up if it wants to maintain that position.

“Why is it our blood? Why is it our turn?” Bolling asked. “Why is it always us that has to go in and shed our blood, their blood, whosever blood?”

Bob Beckel suggested,  “We’re the only ones with capability to take out their capability.”

“That’s the most asinine comment,” Bolling argued. “Israel could do it. There are a lot of countries that could do it.”

“It is against our Constitution, too,” Bolling added. “Congress has to declare war. President Obama said we’re going in with 200 tomahawk missiles is a joke, that’s war.”

Sources: Mediaite, Raw Story


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