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Fox News Video Chronicles White House's Confusing Stance on War in Syria (Video)

Fox News recently showed a video compilation of speeches delivered by President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and others about the conflict in Syria, which raised some confusion about the White House’s stance on going to war in Syria.

The video starts with Obama talking about sticking to the “red line” — using chemical weapons — that would push the United States to strike Syria, according to The Blaze.

Obama then says in later clips that “I didn’t set a red line, the world set a red line.”

Next, the White House seems to fluctuate on their position on the need for immediate action, as White House members talk about how they plan to wait and delay the attack so they can further discuss it and get congressional approval.

Finally, the scope of the attack on Syria becomes confusing, as Kerry and Obama claim that the strike will be both limited, but far from a “pinprick.”

“That’s exactly what we’re talking about, doing an unbelievably small limited kind of effort,” Kerry says in the video.

Obama then suggests the strike will have a large impact.

“Even a limited strike will send a message to (Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria) that no other nation can deliver,” he says.

Source: The Blaze


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