Fox News Upset Over Obama Promoting Obamacare (Video)


Throughout American history, U.S. presidents have promoted their administration's programs.

President John F. Kennedy plugged the Peace Corps, President Lyndon B. Johnson encouraged elderly Americans to sign up for Medicare, and President George W. Bush pushed his Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit plan in 2006.

"If you're a low-income senior, the government's going to pick up a significant portion of your tab," said Bush at the time, noted Fox News. "If you're an average income senior, you're going to see your drug bills cut in half. If you're a taxpayer, the anticipated costs are significantly lower than we thought."

However, the hosts of "Fox & Friends" attacked President Barack Obama today for recently encouraging people to sign up for what some refer to as "Obamacare" in an online video with actor Zach Galifianakis.

“Should the president of the United States being doing this online with Will Ferrell’s online site, with Zach Galifianakis, playing the straight man? It is so inappropriate,” co-host Brian Kilmeade asked today, according to (video below).

“Some would argue that it’s inappropriate for the president of the United States to be advertising a law!” added co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. “An insurance plan.”

However, the Affordable Care Act is not an insurance plan, but rather a law regulating insurance companies and website exchange of insurance plans offered by insurance companies.

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