Fox News Upset that Gov. Christie Bridge Scandal Interfering with Bashing Obama (Video)


Leaked emails and texts have shown that top officials in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's administration knew about and ordered a closing of the George Washington Bridge last year, which resulted in traffic being shut down.

Because of traffic caused by the unannounced bridge closure in September 2013, EMS personnel had problems responding to at least four medical emergencies. one of which included a 91-year-old woman who later died at a hospital, noted reports that Fox News has spent only 15 minutes covering the bridge scandal, but Fox News' morning show "Fox & Friends" is upset that the rest of the media is covering the Gov. Christie bridge story instead of attacking President Obama.

According to, "Fox & Friends" has been focused for three days on a memoir by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, which is critical of President Obama and a long list of other politicians (video below).

"Fox & Friends" is especially upset that, according to Gates' book, President Obama soured on President Bush's failed war in Afghanistan, the longest conflict in US history.

“Imagine the commander and chief claiming he supports you, but not your mission,” Elisabeth Hasselbeck claimed today. “To hear any of that coming forward in this book is just shocking!”

However, President Obama gave Gates 30,000 troops and hundreds of millions of dollars for the war in Afghanistan. Gates adds in his book that Obama was "right on every decision" in Afghanistan.

“And I was watching one news channel yesterday, you would think that this would be a big story... all about the bridge thing... with Christie,” complained co-host Steve Doocy.

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham lamented on her radio show that the Gov. Christie bridge scandal is "helping Hillary" Clinton in a possible 2016 showdown for president, notes (audio below).



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