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Fox News Tries to Link Benghazi, Missing Malaysian Flight, Blame Obama (Video)

The Sunday version of Fox News' Fox & Friends tried to link the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi and the missing Malaysian Flight 370, and blame President Obama.

Fox & Friends showed a clip of a recent Fox News interview with Fox News consultant (Ret.) Col. David Hunt, who claimed the U.S. Military was watching the Benghazi attack, could have staged a rescue in "four hours," but didn't because an "execute" order never came from President Obama (video below).

Hunt provided no proof of his claims (which have been debunked by former Bush and Obama Sec. of Defense Robert Gates) and has a long history of outrageous statements, notes

“Also, you know, the president, you know, wanted to make sure that he could fit his narrative: GM is alive, Osama bin Laden dead, al Qaeda is on its heels,” Fox & Friends co-host Anna Kooiman stated, noted

However, President Bush claimed al Qaeda was "on the run" during his 2008 State of the Union address, reported The Daily Mail.

“And we have some new information out today that 11 terrorists with links to al Qaeda have been reportedly arrested in Malaysia in connection with the disappearance with that missing airliner with 239 people onboard,” added Kooiman.

The Daily Mirror reported last week that 11 terrorists with possible links to al Qaeda were being questioned about Malaysian Flight 370, but this claim was dismissed by the Malaysian police on Sunday morning, noted

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