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Fox News: Syrian Propaganda Is Proof Obama Handed A Victory to Syria and Iran

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace suggested Sunday that Syrian propaganda in the state-run newspaper is proof that President Barack Obama has handed a victory to both Syria and Iran.

During an interview with Secretary of State John Kerry, Wallace quotes “officials in Domascus” and the state-run newspaper arguing that the Obama administration has shown weakness that emboldened Syria.

Kerry said Obama’s request for approval from Congress was a smart move.

“It will allow us to do even more coordinating with our friends and allies, do more planning, and frankly be for more effective,” Kerry said. “I think this is a smart decision by the President, a courageous decision. He is not trying to create an imperial presidency, he’s trying to respect the process by which we are strongest in this country.”

“After the president announced his decision, officials in Damascus were saying that the president had flinched,” Wallace told Kerry. Had made a joke of the American administration. A newspaper out in the streets of Damascus calls this, “the start of the historic American retreat.” Haven’t you handed Syria and Iran at least a temporary victory?”

“I don’t believe so at all and that is in the hands of the Congress of the U.S. The president has made his decision,” Kerry responded. “The president wants to stand up and make certain that we uphold the international norm … I think the Assad regime needs to recognize that they have refocused the energy of the American people on him, on his regime.”

Citing a "sense of implicit defeat and the disappearances of his allies” a state-run newspaper said Sunday that Syria had nothing to fear from America.

“Whether the Congress lights the red or green light for an aggression, and whether the prospects of war have been enhanced or faded, President Obama has announced yesterday, by prevaricating or hinting, the start of the historic American retreat," said a front-page editorial in the newspaper Al-Thawra.

Kerry appeared on a number of talk shows Sunday in an effort to convince Congress and the American people to support Obama’s plan to stage a military attack on the Syrian regime, which used sarin gas to kill civilians.

"It's important for us to recognize that when over 1,000 people are killed, including hundreds of innocent children, through the use of a weapon that 98 or 99 percent of humanity says should not be used even in war, and there is no action, then we're sending a signal that that international norm doesn't mean much," Obama said. "And that is a danger to our national security."

Sources: ThinkProgress, Mediaite


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