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Fox News' Scott Brown: Cuccinelli's Libertarian Opponent Was Planted By Democrats

Fox News contributor Scott Brown said Wednesday that the Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, lost the election because Democrats planted a fake libertarian opponent to skim off votes from the Republican.

The former Republican senator from Massachusetts told “Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade that he wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats weren’t somehow connected to libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis’ campaign.

“Obamacare does matter but the Democrats have a pretty good gameplan where they will put in a third party libertarian,” Brown said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a connection there. That libertarian, had he not been there, I think the election would have gone to Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli brought about his base, he talked about the things that mattered. Because remember, he was the first attorney general to actually file [a lawsuit against] Obamacare.”

He also claimed that media unfairly branded the newly elected governor, Terry McAuliffe, as a “moderate” Democrat.

“There’s nothing moderate about him,” Brown said.

Brown isn’t the only one looking for a connected between Dems and Sarvis.

TheBlaze reported last night that Sarvis largest contributions came from the Libertarian Booster political action committee. The major benefactor for Libertarian Booster PAC is Texas software billionaire Joe Leimandt, who is reportedly a top bundler for President Barack Obama.

Bundlers organize and collect campaign contributions for candidates.

According to NPR’s Peter Overby, “Sometimes bundlers are called raisers, as in ‘fundraisers.’ That distinguishes them from writers of checks.”

Despite 40,000 voters being purged from the rolls in Virginia, Democratic voters still outnumbered Virginia Republicans by 5 percentage points, according to the Washington Post.

Sources: Raw Story, Fox News


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