Fox News Reporter Ed Henry Storms Out of White House Briefing After Jay Carney Ignores Him (Video)

For obvious reasons, Fox News and the White House have something of a tumultuous relationship. This means that when Fox News sends its chief White House correspondent Ed Henry out to Jay Carney’s press conferences, the likelihood that things will get awkward increases tenfold.  

Late last week, Carney held a press conference regarding the government shutdown and looming default. After just about every person in the room besides Henry was called on, the Fox News reporter tried to get Carney’s attention.

It didn’t work.

Tired of being ignored, Henry stood up and stormed out of the briefing.

Earlier in the week, Carney and Henry had a serious of exchanges during which the former all but called the latter a partisan hack.

Check out the full video from last week’s below.


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