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Fox News Radio Host: Democrats Want To Execute Trump Jr. (Video)

Fox News Radio Host: Democrats Want To Execute Trump Jr. (Video) Promo Image

Fox News radio host Todd Starnes recently went on an angry rant about Democrats and the media being traitors who want to execute Donald Trump Jr. (video below).

Starnes was upset about news reports of Trump Jr. actively setting up a meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016. This revelation contradicted months of denials from President Donald Trump and his administration. Starnes conceded that Trump Jr. had been "downright idiotic," but laid most of the blame for Trump Jr.'s actions on the media and the Democrats, notes Right Wing Watch:

Folks, if the Democrats and the mainstream media had their way, Donald Jr. would be tried, convicted and executed for treason. Tim Kaine and Maxine Waters would set up a guillotine right there in the Rose Garden. "Off with his head!" Or maybe they want him to die by firing squad. Is that what you Democrats want? Is that what you fake-newsers want?

What about you Mika and Joe? Anderson Cooper? Don Lemon? Rachel Maddow? Do you want to pull the trigger? Do you want to take a whack with the ax? Or maybe you just want to get rid of the entire first family Romanov-style. What's it going to take to satisfy your bloodlust? These reporters, these Democrats, they disgust me: Jackals, foaming at the mouth, seething with fury and hatred for our president!

Starnes went on to accuse Democrats of trying "destroy" the administration, and attacked Republican leaders who would not support the Trump administration's concealment of the facts:

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You want to talk about treason? Let’s talk about the army of reporters and far lefties and Democrats that are trying to take down a duly elected president of these United States. Let’s talk about that, because I’ve got news for you, folks in the mainstream media: It's not going to happen. So all of you Democrats, and all of you liberal Republicans, and all of you fake-newsers, listen up: Don't tread on me, you Trump-hating traitors.

Media Matters noted in 2013 that Starnes suggested multiple times that then-President Barack Obama was a closet homosexual, and parroted a debunked right-wing conspiracy theory that Obama had a secret sexual relationship with then-aide Reggie Love.

In 2011, Media Matters reported that Starnes promoted the false conservative "birther" conspiracy theory that Obama was not born in the U.S.

The Atlantic noted in 2016 several instances of Starnes' flawed reporting:

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Fox News has a Todd Starnes problem. And while the network doesn’t seem to be concerned, perhaps it should be. Because Starnes has both a rapidly expanding platform and a long history of journalistic malfeasance...

In January 2006 -- less than three years after Starnes was fired for misquoting the secretary of education -- Fox News Radio hired him to work as overnight news anchor. But while his business cards changed, his behavior didn’t.

In April 2013, he reported that the Obama administration was engaging in a "Christian cleansing" by blocking military access to the website of his former employer, the Southern Baptist Convention. As it turns out, the denomination’s website was being blocked as Starnes reported, but not for the reasons he claimed. The site was merely blocked due to the detection of potential malware.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Media Matters (2), The Atlantic / Photo credit: Fox News via Wikimedia Commons, Max Goldberg/Flickr, Media Matters

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