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Fox News Praises Gov. Mike Pence For Following Bible With Anti-Gay Law (Video)

Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has caught quite a bit of heat from Democrats and Republicans for signing a so-called "religious freedom" bill on March 26, which many political and legal observers say will allow the discrimination of gay people based upon religious beliefs.

Before interviewing him on March 31, the hosts of Fox News show "Fox & Friends" praised Pence for signing the law, noted (video below).

In her introduction of Pence, "Fox & Friends" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck stated: "He also said, 'I try to abide by the law of the Bible, saying do unto others as you would have them do unto you,' really explaining there, but it hasn’t stopped so many people from coming out and slamming the state and slamming the governor, calling them bigots."

Co-host Steve Doocy added, "Exactly, the political left is in a frenzy over this right now. But they’re missing the point. This is not a bill that discriminates against gays or anybody. It’s all about religious freedom."

Fox News often defends the rights of corporations and states, but the co-hosts attacked companies and states for exercising their free speech rights by boycotting Indiana over the law.

During his interview, Mike Pence told the co-hosts:" Well, let me say first and foremost that I stand by this law, but I understand that the way some on the left and, frankly, some in the national media have mischaracterized this law over the last week might make it necessary for us to clarify the law through legislation."

Pence added that lawmakers in his state are working to clarify the law, but also defended the law as it is written: "Look, there is no license to discriminate in this law."

Advance America, a group that lobbied for the bill, stated that the law would protect Christian individuals, business and churches from homosexuals, reports  Pence praised Advance America in 2011 (video below).

Micah Clark of the anti-gay American Family Association’s Indiana chapter, one of the strongest supporters of the law, recently urged people to call lawmakers and tell them not to change the law, reports

Clark stated on the AFA's Internet radio show that adding non-discrimination language would "destroy" the law (video below).

Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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