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Fox News Praises Gov. Chris Christie's 'Leadership' (Video)

Fox News praised New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's leadership after it was revealed his top aide and two of his appointees closed down the George Washington Bridge for political revenge under the guise of a "traffic study."

Gov. Christie held a two-hour news conference this week, in which he claimed being "blindsided" by the scandal, even though he has been asked for months about the bridge closing.

Even though the "traffic study" claim has been proven to be bogus, Gov. Christie said during his press conference that the bridge closing could have been a "traffic study."

Gov. Christie also claimed he had no idea that his own deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly had ordered the September 2013 bridge closing from his office back in August 2013.

According to, this week on "Fox & Friends," co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck praised Christie's press conference and stated, "Chris Christie really indicated to many what leadership looked like after facing a crisis."

"Chris Christie got up there and was accountable," claimed Hasselbeck, who failed to mention how Gov. Christie mocked the bridge closing scandal for months.

Co-host Steve Doocy praised Gov. Christie for quickly firing Kelly, whom he didn't even bother questioning.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade even went as far to state, "Governor Christie is in the clear."

In contrast, The New York Times stated that Gov. Christie's "version of reality simply does not add up" and until "full and conclusive investigation can restore public trust" Gov. Christie "has zero credibility."

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh pounded Fox News for its support of Gov. Christie, notes

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