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Fox News' Megyn Kelly Advises Sen. Mitch McConnell to Impeach President Obama (Video)

Fox News host Megyn Kelly told Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) last night that Republicans could try to impeach President Obama instead of fighting the Obama administration in court.

Kelly and Sen. McConnell were talking about a current case in the US Supreme Court regarding President Obama's 2012 recess appointments, reports (video below).

Sen. McConnell claimed the US Senate was not in recess when the president made his appointments, even though all the Republicans had left town on Christmas vacation in 2012, except for one who appeared for seconds at the Senate to "open" and "close" the empty hall daily, noted MSNBC.

Sen. McConnell also attacked President Obama for delaying some parts of Obamacare, which is fully within the law, according to legal analysts, reported The Atlantic.

“We’ve had lawyers, constitutional lawyers come on this show and say, 'Okay, so when that happens, when you have a president who, in your view or the view of some, is out of control in terms of overreach, you as the lawmaker really have two meaningful options,'" said Kelly. “'And the main one that has been used historically is, try to impeach him!'”

“I mean, is that ever considered?” Kelly added. “As opposed to running into the courts and trying to get them to do it?”

Sen. McConnell wouldn't talk about impeachment, but did claim that Obamacare is a "big step" in "Europeanizing the country."

Oddly, Sen. McConnell does not attack America's European allies when the US government requests these foreign countries to give up their citizens' lives to fight in the latest US conflict.

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