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Fox News Interviews 'Obamacare Victim' Who Was Really Victimized by Nebraska GOP (Video)

Fox News has aired several fake "Obamacare victim" stories in an apparent effort to sway public opinion against the health care law.

Today, on "Fox & Friends" host Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed Tammy Fiechtner, who said she got a letter from her health insurance company telling her that she was being moved into new insurance plan that has a similar premium, but a higher deductible, noted (video below).

Fiechtner said she would have qualified for Medicaid under Obamacare, but added, "Nebraska did not expand Medicaid, so there will be no help for people like ourselves. So we now are forced to buy a new plan all on own and face these expenses by ourselves."

Hasselbeck commiserated with Fiechtner and blamed the "Obamacare coverage gap."

However, in reality, Republicans in Nebraska filibustered the Medicaid expansion, which is also opposed by Governor Dave Heineman, a Republican, back in May. The Medicaid expansion would have extended Medicaid coverage to up to 80,000 residents (including Fiechtner) reported

According to, there is an "Obamacare sabotage campaign" being waged by Republicans:

From the moment the bill was introduced, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress announced their intention to kill it. Republican troops pressed this cause all the way to the Supreme Court — which upheld the law, but weakened a key part of it by giving states the option to reject an expansion of Medicaid.



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