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Fox News Host Unaware That Non-Muslims Commit Terrorism (Video)

Fox News host Shannon Bream suggested last week that skin color was an important factor in determining terrorists.

Last night on the Fox News show "The Kelly File," guest host Martha MacCallum repeatedly questioned U.S. State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf on why the White House won't single out "Islamic extremism" as the cause of terrorist attacks (video below).

"It's not the only kind of extremism we face," said Harf, who reminded MacCallum how the Obama administration had captured more Islamic terrorists than any other presidency, noted

"So we're going to focus on all the different kinds of extremism, with a heavy focus on people who do this in the name of Islam — we would say falsely in the name of Islam — but there are other forms of extremism that are also important," Harf said.

MacCallum then asked, "What other forms of extremism are particularly troubling and compelling to you right now?" noted that the worst 10 terror attacks in the U.S., besides 9/11, were committed by far right-wing extremists. CNN reported in 2014 that right-wing extremists in the U.S. have killed more people than Islamic terrorists. stated in 2013 that multiple studies have found that non-Muslims have committed far more acts of terror in the U.S. than Muslims.

Harf explained to MacCallum that there are people who want to kill people for a "variety of causes," but added again that the Obama administration is "most focused on people doing this in the name of Islam as we've talked about with ISIL."

MacCallum claimed the world needed a leader like FDR or Winston Churchill to talk about a global war against radical Islamic extremism. MacCallum added that people were longing to hear a U.S. politician talk about fighting Islamic terrorism.

Harf pointed to several speeches already given by President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry about fighting Islamic terrorism. notes that Fox News has a long history of demanding that President Obama use exact phrases dictated by Fox News when describing terrorism by Muslims.

Sources:,, CNN,, / Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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