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Fox News' Chris Wallace Calls Out Sen. Marco Rubio On Changing Immigration Reform View (Video)

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Fox News host Chris Wallace pressed Sen. Marco Rubio on his flip-flop in support of amnesty in regard to immigration on Sunday. Wallace's questions clearly frustrated Rubio.

Rubio appeared on "Fox News Sunday" to discuss the chances of any comprehenesive immigration reform, which he had formerly supported. However, Rubio seemed entirely unprepared for Wallace's questions on his sudden change in policy.

"You were one of the leaders for comprehensive immigration reform, for pushing it through the Senate, last year,” Wallace said. “Yes, you dealt with border enforcement. But also at the same time you put in place a plan — an eventual, over the course of 12 to 15 years, a path to citizenship.”

Wallace suggested that Rubio's change of heart was due to a hit in the presidential polls, which showed Rubio dropping from 19 percent approval to a measly 6 percent.

Rubio, however, countered that he didn't get elected to maintain high poll numbers. Instead, he was elected to address and solve problems.

Wallace, astonished, then pressed for an answer as to why Rubio changed his position on comprehensive immigration reform.

After accusing Wallace of speaking inaccurately on the subject, Rubio responded with his new thoughts on immigration reform.

"We have to do those three things: security, modernizing the legal system and then address the people that are here," Rubio said. "And I'm just telling you, we will never have the votes necessary to pass in one bill, all of those things. It just won't happen."

During the show, Rubio also defended his statement about Hillary Clinton as a "20th century candidate" and admitted that the Democratic Party, and even members of his own party, don't have answers to the cyclical downturn of the U.S. economy.

Sources: DailyCaller, Sun Sentinel


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