Fox News Host Oliver North Attacks Obama for Attending Boston Marathon Memorial Service


Fox News host Oliver North criticized President Obama on Twitter for attending the Boston Marathon bombing memorial service because some Boston police officers contributed to the president's safety, noted

North tweeted on Twitter: "How many law officers were pulled off the marathon massacre investigation to provide protection for Obama in Boston?"

However, North never questioned the police protection for President Bush when he attended 9/11 events.

President Obama attended the interfaith service in Boston and visited the hospital bedsides of dozens of bombing victims today, reported theDaily Mail.

In addition, President Obama declared a state of emergency in Boston, which means federal funds will go to the city.

It's not the first time North has attacked the president. In April in 2010, North said President Obama had a "core philosophy of being anti-American" (video below).

North gained fame in the Iran-Contra affair, in which he lied to Congress, shredded White House documents and accepted a $14,000 fence from an Iran-contra arms dealer, reported the New York Times in 1989.

Sources: Daily Mail,,New York Times, Twitter


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