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Fox News Host Gregg Jarrett Says George Zimmerman Punished With Weight Gain

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Fox News anchor, Gregg Jarrett, mocked George Zimmerman on Monday saying that he has already been punished for killing Treyvon Martin by gaining weight.

Jury selection also began Monday bringing rise to new comments and observations on the Treyvon case.

“He does look like a different guy,” Jarrett said. “It looks like he’s put on 100 pounds.

Jarrett said the extra weight was a result of Zimmerman’s stress and indoor life. Death threats and other fears for his life have made him reclusive.

Earlier this year, Zimmerman’s attorney cited his weight gain as a sign of emotional distress in an attempt to delay the trial and create sympathy. Before he was ordered by the judge to live in Seminole County, Zimmerman lived in a mobile home outside of the state where living expenses were cheaper. He and his wife are also unemployed, which his attorney argued is also a contributing factor to Zimmerman’s emotional distress and weight gain.

Zimmerman’s attorney argued that he thinks only of his actions the day he killed Treyvon without a job to keep his mind busy.

Since his conviction, Zimmerman has gained more than 100 pounds.

“He’s already been punished to some extent,” Jarrett said. “We’ll wait and see whether a jury punishes him further.”

Sources: Raw Story, Your Black World


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