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Fox News Host Gregg Jarrett Calls for the Ramping Up of Nuclear Aggression With Russia Over Snowden (Video)

Fox News host Gregg Jarrett suggested that President Barack Obama send missiles to Europe and pull out of nuclear treaties after Russian President Vladimir Putin granted asylum to National Security agency whistleblower and fugitive Edward Snowden.

Obama canceled a one-on-one meeting with Putin that was scheduled for next month after learning that Russia decided to grant asylum, the White House said Thursday.

On “Happening Now” Jarrett asked Executive Direction of the Truman National Security Project Mike Breen why the president didn’t “do something meaningful” instead.

Jarrett suggested Obama “meet with Putin, confront him face to face, give him a tongue lashing, criticize him publicly.”

Breen said Putin was “acting out” and that Obama “turned Putin into a punch line the other night on Leno” because of it.

“Why not do something meaningful?” Jarrett asked. “Put the missile defense system back the Czech Republic and Poland. If you want to go really extreme, pull out of START [Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty].”

The national security analyst for Fox, K.T. McFarland wrote in July that the President should “man up and punch back against Putin” by “reinstating the missile defense shied for Poland and the Czech Republic.”

“Being petty may not be something President Obama is comfortable with, but it is Putin's preferred method of operation,” McFarland wrote. “Unless Obama beats Putin at his own game he's unlikely to get the Russian president's attention or respect.”

Sources: Raw Story, The Guardian, Fox News


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