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Fox News Guest Bob Laszewski On Obamacare: ‘Al-Qaeda Couldn’t Have Run This Worse’ (Video)

Fox News guest Bob Laszewski said Monday that the Obamacare website is such a “disaster” that “Al-Qaeda couldn’t have run this worse than the Obama administration has run”

Laszewski, the president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, told Fox News host Megyn Kelly of “The Kelly File” that Americans signing up for Obamacare won’t be covered in January because the “federal healthcare exchange is simply not going to be working.”

“The Health and Human Services Department held a briefing on Friday, a progress report, and said that every time they find something broken they fix it and then they find something else broken,” he said. “I mean this is just a disaster. Al-Qaeda couldn’t have run this worse than the Obama administration has run”

“I know that you had projected even before we saw this reporting from Reuters and the Wall Street Journal about these dreadfully low sign up numbers, you had been saying, ‘I’m tell you not enough people are signing up.’ The numbers aren’t there,” Kelly said.

“The numbers the Wall Street Journal reported, 50,000, are accurate,” Lasczewski said. “They jibe with the numbers I have been hearing. More than that. It’s 50,000 people, but it works out to about 50 people per state per day. Do the math. 30 days, 36 states, 50 people a day.”

“That’s the trickle that’s getting through right now,” he added. “Very, very few people are able to make it through this gauntlet.”

Laszewski did not report on the number of people enrolling in Obamacare by contacting by phone.

Sources: Mediaite, Raw Story


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