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Fox News, GOP Use Same Anti-Obama Talking Point (Video)

As they have before, the Republican Party and Fox News teamed up today to push an anti-Obama talking point.

Former Bush administration advisor and current Fox News contributor Karl Rove said on Fox News Sunday: "It's a [sic] amateur hour at the White House," noted

This morning, "Amateur Hour" (with "Amateur" misspelled as "Amatuer") was the subject line of the National Republican Senatorial Committee's (NRSC) daily email, which read:

Once again the country finds itself watching the President fail to rally lawmakers and citizens to his cause. To put it more bluntly, has any other two term President been as ineffective in lobbying Congress and motivating the public to support the initiatives that he wants to see passed? It's amateur hour at the White House.

On Fox News this morning, America's Newsroom co-host Martha MacCallum introduced Karl Rove with a clip of Rove saying on Fox News Sunday: "It's a [sic] amateur hour at the White House" (video below).

Not to be outdone, the National Republican Senatorial Committee tweeted the talking point (again with "Amateur" misspelled as "Amatuer"): "Amatuer Hour: Obama's Syria Debacle His Own Fault."

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