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Fox News Falsely Claims Obamacare Caused 3,000 Layoffs at Cleveland Clinic (Video)

Fox News has broadcast a number of fakeObamacaredisasterstories, but no matter how many times the conservative cable channel gets caught, it keeps pumping out more falsehoods.

Today, Fox News' "Business Markets Now" host Connell McShane claimed the Cleveland Clinic was going to start "massive layoffs" because of Obamacare (video below).

"America's Newsroom" host Bill Hemmer seconded that by stating the famous health care clinic was planning to "shed workers" (video below).

"They are laying off people," added Fox News' Chris Stirewalt. "This has rocked the community there in northeastern Ohio" (video below).

Additionally, the conservative website The Daily Caller ran a story with a headline that screamed, "Top U.S. hospital laying off staff due to Obamacare," but debunked its own headine by quoting Eileen Sheil, Cleveland Clinic's Executive Director of Corporate Communication, in the actual story:

“We offered early retirement to 3,000 employees,” Sheil said, but noted that the early retirement option recently offered to staff was “voluntary” for eligible employees.

"There have been several mis-reports and they keep mentioning that we're laying off 3,000 employees, we're not," Sheil wrote in an email to

As she mentioned to The Daily Caller, Sheil said the clinic was offering voluntary retirement buyouts for 3,000 eligible employees. not layoffs.

"[The clinic is] working on many initiatives to lower costs, drive efficiencies, reduce duplication of services across our system and provide quality care to our patients," added Sheil. "Many of these initiatives do not impact our employees."

Sheil also expressed the clinic's support for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

"We believe reform is necessary because the current state is unsustainable," wrote Sheil. "The ACA is a step toward that change and we believe more changes will come/evolve as there are still many uncertainties. Hospitals must be responsible and do what we can to prepare and support the law."

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