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Fox News Falsely Claims JFK Was ‘Quite Conservative' (Video)

Fox News' Chris Wallace falsely claimed today that President John F. Kennedy, who was reviled by Republicans in the 1960s, was actually "quite conservative."

“There is a growing body of thought that, in fact, President Kennedy was quite conservative in some of his policies,” Wallace lectured Kathleen Townsend Kennedy, JFK's niece. “He was a fierce Cold Warrior, he believed that tax cuts spur the economy.”

However, Townsend Kennedy reminded the historically-challenged Wallace that the top tax rate in the U.S. in 1961, when President Kennedy advocated a tax cut, was 90 percent, reports (video below).

“So he lowered it to 70 percent,” said Townsend Kennedy. “One could say, 90 percent to 70 percent is not down to 22 percent, where we are now. So, I think he was a smart guy, and balanced.”

She also reminded Wallace how President Kennedy refused to follow the warmongers of his day.

According to the New York Times, many Republicans opposed the Kennedy tax cut. Rep. John W. Byrnes (R-Wis.) called the tax cut “an unprecedented gamble” that was like “playing Russian roulette with our destiny.”

Wallace also asked JFK's nephew Patrick Kennedy if the “disastrous” roll-out of Obamacare was proof that “big government solutions” had failed.

Oddly, Wallace failed to mention the “disastrous” roll-out of President Bush's Medicare Drug Program in 2006, noted The Washington Post.

Wallace also failed to mention that JFK was hated in his day by conservatives for supporting equality for black people, despised for suggesting the U.S. should agree to a nuclear arms treaty with Russia and was planning to withdraw U.S. troops from Vietnam after the 1964 election.

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