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Fox News, Conservatives Spread False 'ObamaCars' Rumor (Video)

First, there was the right-wing "ObamaPhone" conspiracy, which was actually a phone program started by former President Ronald Reagan to help low-income Americans in the 1980s.

Now, there is a new conservative conspiracy called "ObamaCars."

According to Fox News (video below) and, the Senate immigration reform bill includes free cars, motorcycles and scooters for young people, which are all paid for by broke U.S. taxpayers.

The alleged "ObamaCars" free giveaway will occur for 15 months after the immigration reform bill becomes law.

Except, none of that is true. 

The online fact checker completely debunked the claim, stating, "an amendment by [Sen. Bernie] Sanders to the immigration bill would provide a youth jobs program that includes the possibility of transportation and child care services. That prompted conservative news outlets to make claims such as, 'New Immigration bill has taxpayer subsidized ObamaCars for youths' ... There is no proof to support the idea that the program would include free car, motorcycle or scooter giveaways. In fact, that such a process would end up allowing car giveaways seems laughable."

The "ObamaCars" myth was also debunked by the office of  Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

"There are absolutely no cars, motorcycles or scooters for young Americans in the immigration bill, and no taxpayer dollars will be used to fund the new jobs program for American youth," Rubio said.

Source:, Rubio.Senate.Gov, Fox News,

(ObamaCars begins at 1:35 mark)


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